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Quality Services, Unmatched Transparency

Elevate your digital advertising game with our unmatched expertise in strategic planning and flawless execution. Our team of seasoned professionals crafts meticulously tailored strategies, ensuring your campaigns resonate with your target audience. From conceptualization to seamless implementation across all platforms, we deliver the industry’s best quality for maximum impact.

We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled transparency in campaign reporting. With detailed metrics and comprehensive analytics, you’ll gain invaluable insights into your campaigns’ performance, enabling data-driven decisions for optimal results. Embrace complete visibility and accountability with our commitment to delivering the most transparent reporting in the industry.


Meet the Team


Sean Givens

Director of Digital Marketing

As the Director of Digital Marketing, Sean Givens leverages his extensive experience to spearhead integrated digital campaigns that drive revenue and brand engagement. He oversees a large cross-functional team, providing strategic direction while masterfully managing hundreds of client accounts and projects. Sean’s ability to develop innovative digital roadmaps, coupled with his exceptional project management skills, ensures campaigns are executed seamlessly across channels. His leadership fosters an environment of collaboration and accountability, empowering his team to deliver superior results that exceed client expectations.

Arielle Brennan

Digital Marketing Strategist

As an accomplished digital marketing strategist, Arielle brings a wealth of expertise in leveraging the full spectrum of digital services to drive business growth. With an in-depth mastery of content strategy, and data-driven analytics, she develops innovative campaigns that captivate audiences and yield measurable results. Arielle’s ability to distill complex digital concepts into clear, actionable insights allows her to seamlessly collaborate with clients. A skilled communicator, she ensures alignment to execute cohesive digital strategies. Arielle acts as the main point of contact for multi-channel campaigns, handling client onboarding and detailed reporting.

Francesca Amerio

Digital Marketing Specialist

Francesca is an authority in optimizing Google Business Profiles to boost local businesses’ online visibility and reach. As an expert navigator of Google’s interface and policies, she meticulously manages over 200 accounts, ensuring each listing adheres to best practices. Francesca oversees a team of executive assistants, maintaining consistent quality and adhering to each client’s unique brand voice across all listings. Her strategic approach coupled with her deep understanding of local SEO enables her to craft listings that maximize exposure in relevant service areas. Her efforts consistently elevate clients’ local presence, driving quality traffic and customer engagement for businesses of all sizes.

Claire Cone

Digital Marketing Specialist

Claire is a skilled social media manager and advertising professional who excels in optimizing campaigns and enhancing brand visibility for businesses. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for sustainable growth, she streamlines social media management processes to ensure that her clients effectively reach their target audiences. Claire’s expertise lies in curating and maintaining a strong online presence, enabling businesses to thrive in the digital landscape. She collaborates closely with clients, offering trusted guidance to seamlessly integrate social media efforts with broader marketing objectives.

Tyler Cirincione

Digital Marketing Specialist

Tyler brings extensive expertise in managing high-performance geo-targeted, display, and PPC campaigns that drive impressive results. As an expert in his field, he excels at customizing campaigns with precision targeting and fine-tuned optimizations to ensure the best possible outcomes for each client’s unique goals. Tyler’s keen ability to analyze data and adapt strategies on the fly allows him to consistently maximize ROI across diverse industries and markets. His campaigns are renowned for their innovative approaches and meticulous execution.